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Olewnik is a brand for a new style of eating, a wide selection of tasty food – meat and vegetable products, including ready meals and snacks, rich in vegetables, grains or legumes. Our mission is to meet the needs of consumers, introducing new products in line with new nutritional trends.


In order to meet the expectations of consumers we have created a line called Roślinne Smaki (Vegetable Flavours). These are tasty and healthy products for any time of the day.

It is an ideal range for vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone who is looking for new tastes and variety in their everyday diet.

Krakowska dry sausage
made of ham

Wszystko dopracowane do perfekcji. Każde ziarenko pieprzu, szczypta ziół, kryształek soli mają znaczenie. Unikalna receptura, najlepsze składniki i wieloletnie doświadczenie – to nasz przepis na niepowtarzalny smak naszych kiełbas suchych. 
Do ich produkcji wybierane jest najwyższej jakości mięso wieprzowe z szynki oraz idealnie wyważona kompozycja naturalnych ziół i przypraw. Wszystko dopracowane do perfekcji.


Unikalna receptura, najlepsze składniki i wieloletnie doświadczenie – to nasz przepis na niepowtarzalny smak kiełbas suchych. Do ich produkcji wybieramy najwyższej jakości mięso oraz naturalne zioła i przyprawy. Wszystko dopracowane do perfekcji. Wyjątkowa propozycja dla miłośników tradycyjnych i niepowtarzalnych smaków.


Exquisite sausages, prepared according to a traditional recipe from excellent, top quality meat. Their unique flavour and excellent aroma make them a perfect addition to everyday menus. A perfect addition to any meal.


A distinctive collection of sliced meat with delicious and unique flavours. Extra thin and perfectly seasoned with aromatic spices. An excellent choice for a tasty sandwich and nutritious snack. A perfect addition to your everyday menu.


A classic in itself, unique cured meats. The highest quality and great flavour are down to the excellent meat and traditional recipes. An exceptional option for lovers of classic Polish flavours. They regularly appear on our tables.


Excellent and unique snacks. Tasty, nutritious and convenient. Perfectly tender and perfectly seasoned. The wide variety means that everyone will find a perfect flavour - from mild and delicate to strong and intense.


Excellent sausages with a classic and delicate taste. The perfect quality makes them a favourite of everyone who appreciates the best products. Easy and quick to prepare, they can be cooked in a number of ways and are always tasty. Perfect served hot.


An exceptional option for lovers of classic Polish flavours. Regularly appearing on our tables, they satisfy the tastes of the greatest enthusiasts of classic and unique flavours.

Mixed meat
and vegetables

Exceptional cured meats, which have gained recognition among those who appreciate classic and traditional flavours. Distinctive and aromatic, made from top quality meat. They often appear on our tables. Excellent served hot or cold, and especially recommended for barbecues.

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